Katy Cassidy

Say hello.

I have too many books on my TBR being ignored because of the numerous blog posts and Medium articles I'm reading on the topic of using email obfuscation, "mailto:", and the easy hack of using my name at my domain.

Here is my truth: I am not fussed. My spam filter is good. Often too good. I'll never make anyone happy, and — let's be honest — most of our spam comes from Aunt Helen's inability to use the BCC field when she mass forwards the latest joke she's heard. I need to make only my manager happy. In the case of my own portfolio, I am the manager. I'll let those who care to battle the pros and cons of mailto, hacks, reCAPTCHA, Coke vs Pepsi, GIF/ghif vs GIF/jiff, and semicolons in NodeJS.

Me? I'm going to ride my bike and eat some doughnuts!

a bike with sprinkle doughnuts as wheels